Wednesday, October 15, 2008

David vs. Goliath

Modern American society is increasingly being overrun by corporate fascism. Rather than individual rights, freedom of speech, and freedom to spread information, (all guaranteed to us by our Constitution), we are now under the control of tyrannical regulatory bodies with strong ties to corporate interests who tell us what we can and cannot say.

Particularly as it relates to health freedom, the medical-industrial complex and the pharmaceutical drug lords have positioned themselves and their allies within the government and within unelected regulatory agencies such as the FDA and FTC in order to ensure that they have a monopoly on "health". When it gets in their way, they trump the rule of law and trample our freedoms in their quest for complete domination over what is allowed to treat disease.

With the recent crusade being undertaken by the FTC to attack and destroy all companies with natural cancer treatment and prevention alternatives, this case brought to my attention against Daniel Chapter One comes on the heals of this terrorist attack by the FTC. Please take a moment to read the statement below and support Daniel Chapter One in protecting the rights of free citizens to speak freely about natural solutions to health problems.

Daniel Chapter One®, our national Christian radio program and natural healing ministry, may head to court against the Federal Trade Commission in a fight to uphold its rights under the United States Constitution. The battle ensued when the FTC demanded we immediately desist from providing the public with information on natural alternatives for sickness, especially cancer. If successful, the Federal Trade Commission attack on Daniel Chapter One will limit health care consumers' rights.

The American consumer has rights to information, choice, safety and redress (the right to be heard). Presented to Congress as the Consumer Bill of Rights by President Kennedy in March of 1962, these rights form the backbone of wellbeing for individual consumers and for success of the American market economy.

In terms of free-flowing information, the FTC mandates that consumers may only receive health information from producers and sellers that the FTC has determined is proven by the 'science' it selects. No historical knowledge, consumer experience, or traditional practice satisfies FTC demands. The FTC recognizes only expensive double blind 'studies' as support for health claims. Daniel Chapter One has asked its lawyers, and its lawyers have agreed, to challenge this policy as violating Daniel Chapter One's rights under the U.S. Constitution.

By depriving consumer choice and the right to hear sellers' knowledge about health aspects of their products, the one-size-fits-all FTC health information standard deprives consumer access to alternative health approaches. If the FTC had enforced this standard against Daniel Chapter One® over the past thirty years, hundreds of people who provide testimony that Daniel Chapter One products improved or even saved their lives may not have survived.

With regard to safety, the FTC standard forces individual consumers to use highly toxic chemical products whose benefits, according to its 'science,' outweigh their toxicity. The FTC sets this standard despite the fact that regulators acknowledge they routinely reverse approvals for many of these dangerous products. The FTC, with no staff scientists or science capability, relies on old, selective science. From both old and new science, including genetics, the truth is that biochemical individuality makes one person's potential poison another's possible cure.

The Constitution allows individuals to make potentially risky choices for themselves. The FTC does not. Instead, the FTC makes highly risky choices for consumers who have no way to object. Government and business fight the consumer rights battle between themselves. Consumers have no voice. Most businesses sign an agreement to say only what the FTC permits because their overriding goal is to sell products. Daniel Chapter One's goal is to help people honestly and the help of consumers will be crucial to take this historic stand.

If the FTC has its way with Daniel Chapter One, consumers will be denied useful information, blocked from possibly lifesaving choices, forced to use dangerous products and have nowhere to complain about their treatment. This outcome stems from well intentioned regulators attempting a Herculean job – making people's decisions for them – with minuscule resources. It is time to bring the government back into line with the Constitution and the Consumer Bill of Rights.

With your permission, we would urge your readers to join Daniel Chapter One in its journey to preserve healthcare freedom. Contributions may be to the Daniel Chapter One Legal Defense Fund at